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InterfaithFamily/Philadelphia and jkidphilly present a one-of-a-kind ONLINE class for interfaith parents thinking about whether and how to bring Jewish wisdom, traditions and customs to their home, their lives and their parenting. New Class starting February 5, 2014.

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Happiness Comes From...

by Robyn Cohen


"Happiness comes from doing something kind for someone else." --Mitzvah Circle Foundation


One of my favorite Psychology studies is the pencil experiment. You can try this one at home. Hold a pencil in your mouth- hold it first with just your lips holding the pencil, and next with just your teeth gripping it. 

Strack et al (1988) found that the participants who held the pencil in their teeth reported a more positive response to the task than the participants holding it with their lips. Why? What is the difference? By holding a pencil in your teeth, your facial muscles mimic a smile, and holding it in your lips mimic a frown. Wow! This experiment meant to me that it was not just emotions that affect behavior, but that behavior influences emotions (doing something good makes you feel good).

Judaism teaches that it is behavior that matters most...

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